Haddington Road Public Service Agreement

przez | 10 kwietnia 2021

The PSSA recognizes barriers to mobility in the public sector and is committed to reviewing the current rules on the inclusion of transfer and transport rights. Working Hours Although there is no general reduction in working time under the PSSA, the agreement has given officers the possibility of a permanent return to pre-Haddington Road hours on the basis of a proportional wage adjustment. Staff members were able to opt for this agreement at the beginning of the agreement (January-April 2018) and can do so for a period after the end of the agreement (January-April 2021). The agreement also contains a provision allowing the conversion of annual leave into flexible hours. The salaries of civil servants and civil servants will increase by 1.75% from this month. This increase will also be due to staff from non-commercial para-state enterprises and Section 38 organizations, including large voluntary hospitals. Until the agreement expires, more than 90% of public servants and civil servants will earn as much, or more than when wage cuts were introduced in 2010 and (for the best income) in 2013. Nearly a quarter (low wages) have been completely removed from the “retirement tax” introduced in 2009. The rest will make cuts in these payments, the rest being turned into “additional contributions.” The Lansdowne Road Agreement confirms previous commitments made in the Croke Park and Haddington Road agreements, where appropriate, to directly employ labour. However, under this agreement, all cost comparisons for the assessment of service delivery between the direct placement service and the DSE exclude “the entire cost of labour.” The text of the LRA describes the role of the implementation group with respect to the agreement itself: subsequently, the rules of the Croke Park agreement are activated, including section 1.24 of the agreement (as confirmed in Section 5 of the Haddington Road Agreement) (referring to the labour court). This is the second wage adjustment to be implemented this year. The salaries of civil servants earning less than 30,000 euros a year increased by 1% in January, while those earning more than 30,000 euros benefited from a reduced contribution to the “additional contribution” that replaced the “pension contribution” under the PSSA.

The agreement builds on the considerable level of reform in the public service under the 2010-14 Public Service Agreement and contains a number of other measures needed to support the provision of a more integrated, efficient and effective public service.

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