White House Staff Non Disclosure Agreement

przez | 16 kwietnia 2021

McGehee`s employment contract, according to the court, “does not extend to unclassified materials or information from public sources. The government must not censor these materials “contractually or otherwise.” (The D.C. Circuit cited the Marchetti decision of the 4th Circuit regarding McGehee`s contract with the CIA.) Ruth Marcus of the Post Office has received a draft confidentiality agreement. He said the violators fined $10 million for any disclosure of non-public information they learned during their tenure at the White House, although Marcus said the sentence was likely reduced in the final version. But the White House`s Trump NDAs – introduced in 2017 in response to the leaks – appear to go much further, the researchers say, by prohibiting the disclosure of all “non-public, privileged and/or confidential information,” including all information about Trump`s company or family. They are also valid for an indeterminate period. There may be enforceable confidentiality agreements in which executive agencies prevent whistleblowers from revealing details of their settlement negotiations with the government, but the White House NDAs are much broader. As an agent of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), you may have to sign a privacy policy, form or agreement (NDA) to access secret or other information. You should read the following statement, as if it were included in every NOA you signed: According to the post, former Obama adviser David Axelrod said it would be “unthinkable” if Obama asked aides to sign something similar that Trump had asked for. Ari Fleischer, who was George W. Bush`s spokesman, also told the post office that Bush aides were not invited to sign such agreements. One of the likely reasons why previous administrations did not request them is that there is broad consensus that they would be contrary to both the whistleblower statutes and the First Amendment jurisprudence.

About a year ago, when there were occasional promises of briefings at the White House, a reporter asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders if officials on Donald Trump`s team would be asked to sign confidentiality agreements. “There is an ethical agreement,” she replied. “Plus, I can`t give more details.” While White House employees have different confidentiality obligations – classified information secrecy or solicitor-client privilege – no former president has asked White House agents to sign NDAs. A former Obama administration official said the confidentiality agreements were not used under President Barack Obama. Dozens of White House employees signed NDAs in exchange for work for Trump, who, according to current and former members of the administration, has long relyed on such deals in his corporate career. But NDAs have not been widespread by the former administrations outside the transition period between presidents, in part because most experts believe that such agreements are legally inapplicable to public sector employees. The ANN contains a significant constitutional error, as described by the Post Office. White House employees don`t work for President Trump. They work for the United States, so the United States is the presumed beneficiary of confidentiality agreements. Annoyed by a book, President Donald Trump again threatened a former aide by signing a confidentiality agreement, an unprecedented move according to historians. Former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have set limits on outgoing employees, for example, urging them not to lobby their former colleagues.

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