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przez | 16 kwietnia 2021

The interpretation and enforcement of this Agreement and all disputes related to your agreements or services with DIRECTV are governed by the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, other applicable federal laws and the laws of the state and local territory in which the service is provided to you. This agreement can be amended if such laws require it. Notwithstanding the above, Section 8 is subject to federal arbitration law. Finally, because of their dishonesty at the end of their contract, their poor internet quality, their stained mobile phone service and extremely frustrating customer service, I strongly recommend never registering with Direct TV. In fact, if you already have Direct TV, I recommend you cancel it, even if you have a $200 fee for early termination. There are cheaper alternatives that give you better quality. Obscure sporting events may take place depending on the location and directV agreements with the sports federations. Find out more here. 1. ATT/Direct TV m do not respect their agreements.

When I signed up, I received a copy of a new customer sales newspaper that promised in writing that my price was guaranteed for 2 years. In January, they increased my bill by $70 a month or more. When I called the settlement of accounts, they told me that I needed another ATT product like an ATT Internet package or an ATT phone to keep the price I was promised (in writing). I had expressly never accepted and always signed the agreement, sorry to hear that Denise, did you write your initial contract (with the registration of the $200 prepaid visa bonus card)? If so, you should be able to get some sort of direct compensation. I asked directly on TV if they could give me a better offer for the manure packet I had, and they said no. You didn`t even offer me anything else. I did say I`m going to call xfinity and order a service there, and the live TV representative said ok, I`ll connect you to the department for returning the equipment. They realized they ripped me off long enough, so we were all good. These idiots should come to my house and get the dish from my roof and fix the holes is what these a`s should do!! The worst company in the world! I`ve been on duty for a year and a half.

Meanwhile, the contractor who installed it damaged my house in the five-figure range. Direct TV said it was the problem of contractors and the contractor said it was the problem of direct TV. I had to contact my owners to make sure the damage didn`t get worse. Then, about six months later, my bill went up about 200%. I contacted both direct television and AT-T to reduce the bill for dozens of calls, and for three months I did receive someone who could deal with the problem, but who was not too concerned about the problem. I finished the termination service because of the bill is what the obligation and attitude is. I have not even been offered recognition or an apology for the difficulties I have been given. I will never use it again and I would not recommend it to anyone. If someone asks them to use someone else. Yesterday I called to bring down a service they had announced before they overwhelmed me.

I hope the representative I spoke with did what I asked. While I was on the phone, he told me I was eligible for a new equipment upgrade. I asked if it would cost, and I asked if I should renew my contract. On both issues, there was rep saying “no.” Great, I did the update Wednesday. You declare that you are at least 18 years old (unless you must be at least 19 years old in Alabama and Nebraska; at least 21 years old in Mississippi) and have a residence in the United States.

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